E-Services – Sale and Purchase System

E-Services is a platform that connects service providers and customers, allowing service providers to sell their services in various categories and customers to place orders. The system includes a communication and rating system, and payments can be made via debit/credit with the payment transfer to the service provider's account after order completion.


E-Services is a platform designed to facilitate the sale and purchase of services between service providers and customers. It provides an opportunity for sellers to register themselves and sell their services in various categories, such as plumbing, cleaning, construction, tree cutting, pesticide spray, etc. Customers can select a specific category, place an order, and nearby service providers will contact them to finalize the order. After communication, the customer pays the amount using debit/credit, and both the customer and the service provider can give ratings after completing the order. The payment will be transferred to the service provider’s account a few days after the order’s completion.


Registration for service providers

Package purchase for service providers

Various service categories

Order placement by customers

Communication between service providers and customers

Payment via debit/credit

Rating system for service providers and customers

Payment transfer to service provider’s account after order completion


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